VFP Chapter 46 Member Sounds Off

by michael.

From Tom Lee:

Recently President Trump worried to ex-President Jimmy Carter that “China is getting ahead of us” and would pass the US as the world’s strongest economy.  To which Carter replied that since 1979 China hasn’t been at war with anybody, while the US had virtually “stayed at war.”  

Thus, China kept re-investing the unspent war funds in its own economy, growing prosperous and strong in the process.  The US, under the influence of malevolent media pundits and aggressive politicians, became weaker as it “invested” in one war disaster after another.  

Is Trump waking up to any possibilities here?  Maybe.  He suggested a few days ago that the US make a deal with China on military spending limits, thinking that the money would be better spent elsewhere.  But elsewhere in the world, Trump continues to want the US fighting several wars at once, promoting ever larger military budgets.  Does the United States really want to bear the burden, for example, of a new and probably endless war with Iran?  To intervene in Venezuela, which could destabilize South America?

The Veterans for Peace, Chapter 46, proposes ending all current US wars and standing down on future interventions.

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